Installing Fink

Today i’ve installed fink in my Mac OS X  Tiger (10.4.9).

I’ve installed XCode 2.4.1 as a prerequisite.

Installation Procedure:

New to Fink? These quick start instructions are here to get you up to speed with the binary release.

  1. Download the installer disk image:
    Fink 0.8.1 Binary Installer (PowerPC) – 17930 KB
    Fink 0.8.1 Binary Installer (Intel) – 17510 KB

  2. Double-click “Fink-0.8.1-XYZ-Installer.dmg” (where XYZ is either PowerPC or Intel) to mount the disk image, then double-click the “Fink 0.8.1 XYZ Installer.pkg” package inside. Follow the instructions on screen.

  3. At the end of the installation, the pathsetup utility will be launched. You will be asked for permission before your shell’s configuration files are edited. When the utility has finished, you are set to go!

  4. If anything goes wrong during this process, you can try again by launching the pathsetup application which appears on the installer disk, or by running (from the command line in a window)


    (This step should also be repeated by any other users on your system: each user must run pathsetup in his or her own account.)

  5. Open a new window and run the following: “fink scanpackages; fink index“.

  6. Once those two commands are finished you should update the fink package, in case there have been significant changes since the last point release. After you do this you can install other packages.

    • Use apt-get. Apt-get will fetch and install binary packages for you, saving compiling time. To update fink open a window and type sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install fink

      Once you’ve updated fink, you can install other packages, using the same syntax, e.g sudo apt-get install gimp to install the Gimp. Note, however, that not all fink packages are in binary form.

        Thats it , fink is now installed in your Mac OS X Tiger.

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